Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

The "small print"

The user's personal data are treated with confidentiality in accordance with the law by Jaysquared and, without further express consent, are gathered, processed and used during the term of contract solely for the purpose of contract fulfilment, including payment. The data are gathered, used and processed electronically.

The user should also be aware that Jaysquared is entitled to gather, process and use the user’s user and connection data to detect, locate and fix faults and errors in the telecommunications systems to the extent necessary in any particular instance. In such circumstances, Jaysquared may gather, process and use user and connection data necessary to expose illegal use of the telecommunications networks and service. In accordance with applicable law, Jaysquared will give information to prosecution services and courts for the purpose of prosecution.

Jaysquared will inform the user of the personal data stored or data stored under his/her pseudonym free, on request and without delay. Jaysquared may pass on the user’s payment data to other providers and services and third parties insofar as this is necessary to calculate a Jaysquared fee and to settle payment with the user.

Jaysquared reserves the right to pass on to third parties anonymized user’s data. Jaysquared expressly draws the user’s attention to the fact that the data protection and data security of transmissions in open networks like the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100% as things currently stand. The user is aware that, technically, the provider can view the website stored on the web server and, possibly, other user data stored there at any time. The user him/herself is wholly responsible for ensuring the safety and back-up of the data sent via the Internet and saved on web servers.

The user hereby authorises Jaysquared to send the user e-mails during the term of the contact for technical support, containing technical notices and information on the scope of the service used, any upgrade options and containing other information relevant to the operation of the Jaysquared platform. Jaysquared may use the user's game data for the purposes of advertising, market research and the provision of the service as required and, to that end, create a corresponding profile under the user's pseudonym. The user has the right to object against such processing and use of his/her data at any time by terminating his use of the service.